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This is the new Aluminum Tripod stand. 

  • Rattle free.
  • Light weight. (2.5kgs)
  • Very strong.
  • Telescopic.
  • Simple to assemble.

This stand is very strong and very light weight. Using our knowledge in engineering materials we have been able to produce a stand from a high grade of aluminum tubing which can support up to 25KG or 55lbs.

Weighing less than 2.5KG or 5.5lbs this is a very light stand and very strong.

It features a telescopic main tube which when fully extended will accommodate up to a 38" gong. 

The stand features none slip tear resistant rubber feet which will ensure the stand is secure and stable no matter what surface it is on. The tubes are also coated in a special scratch proof sleeve which leaves the surface with a "soft" feel and protects the stand when it is dismantled or when it is wrapped together for transporting.

This stand is available in two main types and colours, Aluminum Silver/Grey and Black.

The Silver and Black stands are coated with our special scratch proof coating on the main tubes.

We can also custom fit any type of cross bar to suit a whole range of instruments, this stand doesn't have to be exclusively for gongs.

Please note the gongs in the pictures are not for sale.

There is an option for a bag which can be found on the Accessories page of the website. 

We are sure this stand is perfect for everyone, young or old, big or small. Whether you are new to gong playing or have been in this world for years we are sure this stand will work for you and it is great for kids o use too.