• Introducing the Global Gong Stand. Also available as a Tripod

The Global Gong Stand

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Global Gong Stand

UK manufactured. Built to last. Lightweight. Extendable and easy to transport.
The best Gong Stand you will ever buy.

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Since I started using the Global Gong Stand, my focus has improved and so has my playing. Now I'm thinking about buying an outrigger.

I simply couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to set up. After a couple of practice runs, I can now assemble my Global Gong Stand in under 2 minutes!


We have taken the time to design

Hours of painstaking calculations, design time and engineering have now delivered the ultimate support for your gongs:  The Global Gong Stand.

This is the best Gong Stand that you can buy. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You won't get stuck going through a doorway. The Global Gong Stand has no removable parts, so no components to lose or leave behind. It is precision-engineered for stability and sturdiness and no other Gong Stand on the market is as easy to extend.

We have carefully contemplated every little detail. Even the travel bag it comes with is luxuriously padded and elegantly designed to make sure it stays in perfect condition no matter where you take it.