Global Gong Stand with travel bag.

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This is the new compact version of the popular Global Gong Stand. The legs come in three pieces and the cross tubes are split in two. This makes the stand very compact. 

The compact stand shares the same quality, many of the same components and designs of our previous stand and is still fully adjustable. This stand is also compatible with our old telescopic version. It is also a "2 in 1" stand as it can be assembled as either a single (1 gong) or a double (2 gong) stand from the same bag. Very versatile.

As with all GGS stands wheels are included with the bag optional.

The GGS stand is available without the bag if preferred, the stand will be shipped with only the three inner sleeves- two black and one grey as seem in the photos. If a bag is required in the future it can be purchased separately from the store and the sleeves and the stand will simply slide inside the bag and you are ready to travel!